Essential Tips for Planning a Home Spa or Hot Tub

Read these in advance and follow any recommended precautions. If delivery isn’t included and does not require a crane, it will likely be in the $200 to $500 range. Those hot tubs are funny but innovative. – Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York. Walls are another great way to shield hot tubs from view, and the options are almost endless. This screw is more or less conical and has a coarse thread, it does not need a mating thread because wood is a relatively soft material and so it can cut into it. Burton Pools and Spas 6121 South Zero, Fort Smith, AR 72903. As I said above, many people who want to do a DIY Hot Tub project, just need some expert guidance and a source for detailed step by step information along with a little personal coaching help. It’s very important that you pay attention to your budget and respect it. They can get tubs through many different kinds of areas and obstacles. Find your closest retailer. You want that in a place where you can get to it without too much trouble, but the seating direction should be the first priority. Higher end spas on the other hand are designed with ergonomic seats that keep users optimally located during hydromassage sessions. This video covers the changes and updates I’ve made over the years, and several of the processes that I’ve made easier for you, plus a whole lot more. For example, choose warm, dim twinkle lights if you want to create a romantic outdoor space. If you’re looking to create a space in your home that will help relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and depression, and even boost your mood, an indoor spa room might be the answer. Check in with your local planning department to see if a building permit is required specifically for hot tub installation. Ensurethat the spa has a comprehensive instruction manual written in clear English,as this is a legal requirement for all electrical goods. Mix the more industrial look of stone and the warmth of nature to create a stunning outdoor patio area. Accent your spa with an elevated two step design for a more modern feel around your hot tub. Because water may accumulate around the hot tub, it is recommended that a floor drain be installed. Before you can decorate your outdoor spa installation and truly make the space yours, you must first implement a design for your backyard. Also, when designing a new hot tub room, allow for the installation of cabinets and shelving to accommodate towels and chemicals. When you deliberate with yourself outside the preverbal box, the impossible can suddenly be possible for you. Instead, it will need a solid platform to support all of the weight. Also, any heat deflected from windows or other reflective surfaces could damage the tub’s cabinet. Call your insurance company to discuss your coverage options for a spa or hot tub.

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Tim Redwood of Redwood Stone opens in new tab explains how they exhibited the above design at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. Find inspiration in a unique patio design, include a sitting area, plants, or add some other artistic pieces to incorporate in the space. With a little hard work and a lot of inspiration, you can transform your backyard into the ultimate getaway. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the many perks of buying a hot tub. Again, mine are not at an angle that is noticeable, but I know they are not 100%. At Action Junk Hauling, we guarantee fast, efficient, and excellent service. A hot tub or portable spa also is used for hydrotherapy, but it’s a completely self contained unit. Photo by Ace Hardware. And, for many people, this is not a feasible option for a number of reasons. Move the hot tub to the back of the compartment and cover it with moving blankets to protect the tub while it’s in transit. Most likely, there is such a service. There are even options with automated screens, so you can open them when you want light, and close them for more protection and privacy. My information package also includes 2 complete videos showing a hot tub being built from start to finish. Concrete models are best designed to be in ground because they will naturally shift and settle over time if not securely placed in the ground. Materials range from very lightweight and portable vinyl to wood, with prices differing between shell materials. If you’re unsure about where the hot tub should go, speak with one of our experts at Outback Pools and Spas. No matter what route you choose, make sure you take into account all of the angles, shading, and how best to protect your privacy. 4801 W Park Blvd Unit 448, Plano, TX 75093 469 209 6989. Since most cities don’t allow large appliance items to be left on the curb you may only have the option of a special appliance pick up service on a limited schedule. Pull inspiration from Japan with this stylish spa gazebo design. There is nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub with the satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself. The two biggest factors in indoor spa placement are drainage and ventilation. How about we flip things on their head and we make the hot tub the centrepiece to your backyard. Incorporate plants, lanterns, and cozy chairs to make the place more inviting. This required another 130 piece handlings in the assembly line process. When the spa is not in use, its cover simply becomes part of the deck. On the other hand, cheap hot tubs made with lesser components and run of the mill material might not last as long, or their performance might deteriorate significantly over time. However, depending on the spa model you use, you may not need to pour concrete. Whether you have lots of neighbors or only a few, privacy is needed to ensure full enjoyment of your spa. Avoid harsh lines by designing a short deck which flows through a circular design.

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Essential Tips for Planning a Home Spa or Hot Tub

Speaking of off gassing, you also don’t want this to happen too quickly. When it gets cool, swimmers like to soak in the hot tub and appreciate the short walk it takes to get there when it’s right near the pool. They’re considered portable because they can be installed anywhere and have the versatility to be drained and moved elsewhere. Accent the space with a trellis for plants and other greenery to add to the beauty of the space. From inside your home or out in the backyard, we make it easy to get rid of your unwanted hot tub or spa only at the time of your convenience. Aside from costs, the advantages and disadvantages of portable and in ground spas vary. You first need to calculate your weight for the base, the weight increases substantially when you add, the tub, the water and then people. But properly prepared hot tubs are easier to move than you might think. Concrete slabs, spa pads or a reinforced deck are all possible options for a foundation. Before you decide where to put your landscaping lights, consider the type of environment you want to create. And, you can really create a relaxing have when you add in one of these 30 DIY fire pits.

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If your hot tub will be located outdoors, ideally it should be situated close to the home and adjacent to an entrance. NOTE: it can take from several hours to a full day for the tub to heat up. In addition, to speak with our teams who truly understand how valuable your time and money are, get in touch with us today. Hot tub lighting can greatly add the ambiance of your backyard space. The floor load of a hot tub filled with water is around 115 lbs. Assuming the pathway to the moving truck is flat, you won’t have to turn the hot tub on its side to move it. More current needs thicker wires as you don’t want cables getting hot. After the heater portion of the Spa Pack, the next decision that you need to make is whether the spa pack is able to deal with the individual components you have selected. If you want to get rid of a hot tub, why not just sell it. A hot tub should be thought of as hardscaping, especially if you’re planning to surround it with decking. Alternatively, you may choose to install your hot tub on the grass in your backyard. The water circulates through the plumbing and filtration system within the spa’s cabinet. For a wall or two of privacy, a garden trellis may provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for. This will require about three hours of service from an electrician to install which will cost around another $250. He searched the internet for more information on this and that’s when he found me. Include an artistic inlay to give the space the feel of running water through a forest. Take this opportunity to have your pathways through the yard and walkways reflect your personal style. The swim spas also come with the company’s double thermal shield system to improve heating efficiency, and its self cleaning system which provides energy efficient water filtration. To kick this site off I’ll primarily be focusing on grilling and / or smoking in which I’m on a quest to develop the techniques and skill of a true pit master. However, if it is built with a pool, you can expect your outdoor permanent spa construction to take longer. Use a water testing kit to make sure that the chemicals are balanced before you use your hot tub. In my website you’ll find plenty of tips and ideas that will help you improve the way you use your garden and the enjoyment you can achieve from it.

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We put it to use immediately one day to heat and balance chemicals. In addition, expect higher water and electricity bills if you’re running your hot tub year round. These designs are very impressive. Department of Energy, energy efficient appliances can save you anywhere between 5% to 30% a month on your utility bill. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. According to the home services marketplace HomeAdvisor, a 4 person tub filled with water could weigh as much as 4,000 pounds. By simply posting a request, you can start getting free quotes from spa removalists. Alternatively, you may choose to install your hot tub on the grass in your backyard. Not sure how to move a hot tub. Our hauling professionals will ensure that the hot tub debris is quickly out of your yard so that you can get on with installing your new one. Install the hot tub cover. Begin to fill your tub using a standard garden hose. This stunning design uses cascading soft light to enhance the outdoor area. Depending on your location, your local government may require a permit for an outdoor hot tub. Required fields are marked. You can put a hot tub on a deck, patio, under a gazebo, or anywhere else in your backyard or indoors that meets the foundational requirements. When considering purchasing a spa for the first time, customers often wonder how hot tubs are delivered.

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Adding a spa to an existing gunite pool is practically like creating another gunite pool. If it’s too low, break out the pH increaser, remembering that it will also raise the alkalinity, and you’ll have to test and possibly adjust that level again. Extra long driveway that can fit multiple vehicles. Professional installers have heard plenty of sad stories of hot tub owners trying to move the gargantuan objects on their own. In 2021, there’s no doubt that people are spending more time at home. Interest is created by building out off of the existing walls, which have given depth to the space through the use of light box windows. If it’s hardwired, you’ll need an electrician to safely disconnect it. Are you ready to get rid of your hot tub. City Check nearby stores. You may be able to find a compromise with the landlord. We put together a quick guide for you to get yourself ready for the installation of your new hot tub. If your deck is not designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, you can reinforce the deck to make it more structurally sound. At EZ Haulers in Olympia and Tacoma, our mission is to meet every customer with professionalism and a smile and to help ensure that less of your “junk” ends up in landfill. Make sure you measure your paths to and from the vehicle to make sure the hot tub will fit. Retaining Wall Contractor. For saving sight lines around small spaces, sinking the hot tub in the deck area is an excellent idea. Landscape lights are one of the most important factors in building an ambient yard. Hot tubs and spas can bring your backyard together, creating the luxury oasis you’ve been wishing for. Recycled hot tub water can be used in a variety of creative ways, such as.

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When choosing the perfect spot for your tub think about how often you’ll use it. A hot tub or spa alone is a great way to add more relaxation into your life, so why not go all out and transform your hot tub area into a complete home spa retreat. Lifting the tub from the corners, have a helper slide the dollies out from under the tub and lower the tub onto the boards. First, we provide paid placements to advertisers to present their offers. Add lounge furniture and a small table to complete the setup and consider adding a towel rack to the outside of the hot tub to enhance the soaking experience. Since all these things impact the cost, it is important to keep the shape in mind when planning your installation. If you’re looking to take your relaxation a step further, adding a hot tub can certainly do the job. Include native plants, shrubs, and trees as accents around your yard and hot tub. He convinced me he needed to test his plan of moving a hot tub, even if he was going to have a bunch of guys over to make sure nobody would get hurt. I have not had any problems with mine a year on.

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They placed a hot tub inside a greenhouse kit. Unlike acrylic or rotomolded spas, wood hot tubs can be transported in pieces and assembled on site, so access is not an issue. The compensation we receive from advertisers does not influence the recommendations or advice our editorial team provides in our articles or otherwise impact any of the editorial content on Forbes Home. After you’ve had a chance to adequately test your hot tub, your dealer will conduct a follow up to verify that the hot tub is working properly and that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Nor do you want branches to fall and damage it. This is one of the reasons we recommend purchasing a hot tub from a local dealer who can help you through the delivery and installation process. It’ll be much easier to dispose of or transport your tub if it’s in smaller, more manageable pieces. Even inground tubs require covers — many of which, let’s face it, are downright ugly. Because these models can be plugged straight into a standard three pronged socket they don’t need any dedicated electrical installations to get up and running.


If you want to install your Hot Tub on your Deck, we recommend you consult a qualified building contractor or structural engineer to determine the deck’s maximum load capacity. Use a water testing kit to make sure that the chemicals are balanced before you use your hot tub. It gives thorough instructions on how to build a simple wooden hot tub. So exciting that many of us countdown the days until our beloved spa’s arrival. Hot tubs are known around the world for the relaxing and revitalizing experience they offer. Combining nature and luxury, this zen like setting transports you to a tropical destination in your very own backyard. So, if you don’t want to be seen or heard by nearby neighbors, a custom built spa in the perfect location can provide the ultimate hot tub experience. Exploring what others have done can give you a better idea as to what you might desire. We suggest reading our convenient online Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide or simply download our “Ultimate Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide. The folks here at Junk King are standing by to ably assist you with that part of the chore. Depending on the contractor, they may also be able to prepare an appropriate foundation. But if you intend to get a hot tub, there are things you need to know about them, such as maintenance and cleaning, the cost of ownership including power and water, and general safety issues. Explore more garden privacy ideas in our gallery. That means you’re going to need at least three additional people to help with the move. ” They can head to Seattle or further afield anytime they want to. This can add between $25 and $100 to the in ground hot tub cost. Portable spas, otherwise known as hot tubs, can be inflatable or hard sided. We know here at Outdoor Living know that a hot tub is a significant investment, so why wouldn’t you arm yourself with all the information necessary to take care of your tub. If you are adding a fence, make sure you discuss it with your neighbors first. Something went wrong. Or choose motion sensor lights in dark areas of the yard if you want to make your yard safer. Simply turn on the tap, and you’ve got hot water like an indoor bath. This article has been viewed 410,686 times. – Tip provided by Nick Leith Smith, Architecture and Design, London. How To Avoid Landscape Disasters 10 Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Backyard. Thank you for posting so many beautiful design ideas. An in ground spa can be custom built to fit your specific design and size requirements. Call a Junker and tell them you need to use their hot tub removal service. Preparing and measuring the route from curb to foundation in advance will help you know exactly what you need to do.

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A hot tub is the simplest type of spa to install. The Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters by Type and Price. Complete all of these steps before purchasing your hot tub in order to avoid further complications down the road. They also take up more space in delivery trucks and on showroom floors. Finally, once you are a hot tub owner it’s time to follow a care routine. Thank you so much to our hosts, it was a wonderful weekend and the home is beautiful. One quick tip: No matter how good a job you’ve done leveling, squaring, and measuring your frame, framing lumber is inherently imprecise due to minor warps and twists. For a more space saving option, select a spa that can be placed in a corner of a deck or patio. From all these sources we’ve culled the most useful and clearest instructions for installation of a hot tub. Our stock tank hot tub is on a gradual slope, so on the front edge we dug out our concrete blocks so they were nearly flush with the lawn. A concrete vault will provide the support the weight of the spa and can be a part of your in ground spa design. Concrete models are best designed to be in ground because they will naturally shift and settle over time if not securely placed in the ground. All hot tub components, including its plumbing and electrical system, are built inside the hot tub cabinet. There are, however, a number of online sites and apps to help you get that trusty old spa on the market. We are contacting them immediately. If you choose a 220V model, then you will need to work with a certified electrician to ensure you have enough electricity to power the spa, and then the electrician will be required to run the appropriate wires from your electrical panel to the hot tub. But it is starting to build up and I see a clean out in the future.

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You can choose whichever colors you want, but in this case, an ultramarine blue has been chosen and yellow for the trimmings, outer walls, and tank. Usually, a bathroom already has ventilation. Fill in the spaces with dirt. An integral question that you must first answer before bringing your spa home is, where should it be installed. We all want the perfect backyard, somewhere to escape, relax and unwind after a long day. The electric foxtail is available as a battery and direct current device, you should rather buy the battery version, because with it you are much more flexible and afterwards you can correct small things directly on the border. But, the real goal with this blog is to give you enough of an inside glimpse of the kind of information you can expect to find in my publications, so that you feel confident that you’re going to get way more than your money’s worth. As you can see, there’s a way to get a hot tub into almost every type of home. Then, have your friends support the hot tub as you pull the plywood or pallets out from below it. When moving a hot tub, you should tip it on its side, pump side up. A dense hedge gives this tub from North Spas opens in new tab privacy from neigbors. All you need is a stock tank, water, and the right plumbing and heating equipment. Choose your country and language. The concept is basic right. First, measure off your 16″ on center joist marks. Auxiliary Features – Adding patio seating or a small bar area to a backyard can create a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Bromine salt systems require up to a staggering five times more chemicals to operate than our FreshWater™ Salt System. While positioning your hot tub next to a lawn isn’t a problem if you have flip flops, not everyone will like this. Your hard shell hot tub will also need to be serviced once a year. You could choose large reeds and grasses that can be planted around your hot tub to create a living screen, or you could choose readymade or custom reed or bamboo mats or screens to create the space. Wrap the hot tub with shrink wrap/Mover’s Wrap.

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Nicer than the ones that came with the tub. Not to mention for years to come, too. But it’s best to know what is allowed in your city and neighborhood before buying a hot tub. If you’re limited on space, you could leave one side free to access with privacy screens close to any of the other sides. Or choose your country and language. Always ask for quotes from contractors and do not be afraid to shop around for the professional service best suited to your needs. Elite Hot Tub Removal Service is a 5 star company offering a franchise quality experience at a small rate. You can build your hot tub to your own specifications, you just have to follow a few basic rules. Generally speaking, hot tub removal jobs will cost approximately $350 for the whole process. I can opt out at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option that appears at the bottom of every email. Hot tub components — including the electrical system and plumbing parts — are built and stored in the hot tub cabinet. Therefore, I knew I needed concrete and lots of it.

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We also specialize in hot tub repair and hot tub maintenance. You can reach us by calling one of our locations. The best of both worlds – a half in half out spa installation will be installed slightly above the ground. But not every night is crystal clear – sometimes clouds block the view. We are happy to take any of your junk off your hands. If anyone knows how to move, it’s Marian White. View Plans in your area. Doing it in a natural tub constructed from cedar made the thought seem even better. Many come with some safety features to ensure that people enjoy their time in the tub while avoiding danger. You may want to consult the decking installer or manufacturer to assess expansion characteristics of the deck itself. A hot tub can provide many physical and mental benefits, but it can also help beautify your property. Before getting help moving your spa, note its height and width, as well as the height and width of door or gate openings and stairs on the path you plan to take when transporting it. We would just get much more use out of a hot tub then a koi pond. Help your hot tub blend in with its surroundings by adding plants which can soften the harsh corners. Sunken lounges are all the rage right now, so why not include them in your outdoor space. Photo via Archadeck of Central GA. For example, indoor units can be used far more often than outside ones since the weather isn’t a direct influence. As I mentioned, I was on a mission to finish my tub in time for Christmas and this little nugget of information Brough my schedule forward by 3 weeks. In ground hot tubs cost between $4,000 and $15,000.