I’d lived through the Plague, I’d lived through the march on Moscow. I hadn’t thought about it much up to this time, because even if I could figure a way to get out of my cell, I’d never make it out of Amber – or out of the palace, for that matter – without eyes or aid, and neither were available to me. “Last year, when I paid for this NFT, very few people even heard the name NFT,” he said.

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Any one wanting to use the feature would have to own an NFT and connect their crypto wallet to their Twitter account. An NFT provides something different as it digitises a piece of work such as art or music and turns it into a non-fungible token that is stored on the blockchain. The news also comes a few days after Fnatic announced a membership offering powered by the blockchain in partnership with Crypto.com, resulting in a mixed to negative response from the community.

Bitcoin and Ethereum in the bears’ hands, Ripple (XRP) loses steam

While it is quite interesting to see a Web2 monolith such as Twitter integrate with a Web3 element such as a wallet connect- many Web3 natives don’t see any need to, in the words of David Bianchi, “prove our bags” to anyone. We’ll keep this page updated when more information comes out about the feature. Custom app themes for Android were made available on February 23 – a feature available at launch for iOS users.

The study added that the speculative nature of cryptos was determining growth, and they carried the characteristics of a pyramid marketing scheme. The analysis came with a warning that cryptos could trigger market bubbles which could affect a country’s financial security. Twitter rival Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, reportedly plans to bring in NFT profiles. If an NFT displayed on Twitter is sold or transferred, the image remains but the frame changes to a circle. The NFT image remains, but the image data removes the ownership details. “Last year, when I paid for this NFT, very few people even heard the name NFT,” he told the BBC.

BRG investors are looking for Estavi to interchange their old tokens for the latest ones. Estavi, whose cryptocurrency ventures Cryptoland and Bridge Oracle got collapsed because of his arrest in Iran previous year. The original blockchain is now ‘the execution layer’, while the updated Proof-of-Stake chain becomes ‘the consensus layer’. Now, it’s all changed as a blog from the Ethereum Foundation reveals the old names are out. Musk has promised to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal on TV if the company accepts the crypto in restaurants.

Since then UK stocks have been gyrating on fears of an impending recession and concerns over a huge increase in borrowing due to Britain’s new tax cuts and spending plans. The hack is believed to be a part of a widespread threat against the NFT community, first alluded to on Monday in a tweet by the Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs. The winning bidder was fellow tech boss Sina Estavi, who has described the NFT – non-fungible token – as the ‘Mona Lisa of the digital world’. However, interest in the digital assets seem to have dwindled in recent months. Online searches for the term ‘NFT’ have more than halved since January, data from Google Trends suggests. Crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi bought a 2006 tweet by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey in March 2021 for $2.9 million.

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Since then, the crypto space has cooled down a lot and NFTs have gone through their first downturn. Unfortunately, the NFT tweet that Dorsey sold to Estavi has also fallen in value. The latest bids for the piece of history have come in at 0.25 eth, worth around $400. Having only received a top bid of just $13,940 despite cryptocurrency news and analysis an asking price of $48 million, Sina Estavi looks to have taken a major L. The Crypto Entrepreneur who bought the NFT of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet for an eye-watering $2.9 million is set to lose nearly all of it. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

I’d wanted a knife, really, but Julian had caught me trying to lift one and snatched it away. What he didn’t know, though, was that that was my second attempt. Last week, however, Estavi announced he had placed the NFT on sales platform OpenSea and expected to raise more than $25 million – half of which he pledged to donate to ‘GiveDirectly‘ – a US poverty charity.

The feature known as PFP was initially limited to iOS users who also had to be paid Twitter Blue users in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Speaking to the BBC about the NFT, Estavi explained that unless he received a particularly high bid, he “may never sell” the asset. Russia has a history of flirting with cryptos, first recognising them as a digital asset, but then refusing to allow their use as a means of payment. In the report, the bank said the reasons for the ban were that cryptos could undermine the country’s financial stability, currency independence and the wellbeing of citizens.

Binance unveils global advisory board, chaired by former US Senator

At the time, security researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that OpenSea’s platform had taken out Twitter’s NFT feature. OpenSea says that the outage had “absolutely zero impact on the public Twitter integration” and that the issue flagged by Jane happened in a closed beta. Since the Twitter integration launch, Mack says there has been zero interruption to the Twitter service.

A company spokesperson for NFT marketplace OpenSea, Allie Mack, confirmed that NFT profile pictures that appear on Twitter are verified through the company’s site. In fact, Twitter uses API, metadata, and gambling with digital and virtual currencies collection information from OpenSea to authenticate an NFT displayed on a user’s profile and turns it into a “soft hexagon” on the site. Around the same time as Twitter launched NFTs, OpenSea crashed.

Scammer steals $500,000 worth of Bored Ape NFTs with simple watermark trick

The Finnish utility inked the 2.35 billion euro agreement with government investment company Solidium to cover soaring collateral needs in the Nordic power derivatives market. “For the moment, Fortum has sufficient liquid funds to meet current collateral requirements,” Fortum said in a statement on Monday. Users began flagging Zeneca’s account as compromised within minutes of the tweet being sent.

It follows public statements in December 2021 from Instagram chief Adam Mosseri that his app was exploring the promise of NFTs. Another phishing scam has hit the non-fungible token community, with the latest target being the social media accounts of NFT influencer Zeneca. The NFT market exploded in popularity in 2021, with users sending at least $44 billion (£34 billion) worth of cryptocurrency as part of contracts related to NFT marketplaces, according to blockchain data platform Chainalysis. There is little to celebrate in the markets this Monday morning, crypto or otherwise, with all major digital assets cutting a bearish path concurrent with the major UK and US indices.

Sina Estavi, CEO of Kuala Lumpur-based Oracle Bridge, coughed up an astonishing $2.9m for a non-fungible token version of “just setting up my twttr” last year – a collectible he described as being comparable to the Mona Lisa. Sina Estavi, buy dash cryptocurrency litecoin a cryptocurrency entrepreneur acquired initial Tweet of Jack Dorsey for $2.9 million previous year. The worry is Bitcoin is locked in a downward spiral that has seen the crypto market shed around $1.5 trillion in recent months.

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