Free Retainer Invoice Template

Specify the mode of payment and send the invoice to the client. Filling out a retainer invoice is easier than ever with the FreshBooks editable templates. See how other businesses use our template to easily format and generate quality invoices. It would be useful to be able to print on the invoice how much of the retainer balance is still open, i.e., a credit of the client, how much the client has paid too much.

Free Retainer Invoice Template

Company shall reimburse Consultant for only such travel and other expenses as have been authorized in advance in writing and included as a part of each Statement of Work. All invoices must reference the Retainer Agreement and include the following information. Total owed amount should be written in bold along with the currency that is owed. Missing the currency sign can be a big setback in legal proceedings. It not only makes it easier to identify but also increases the weight in courts. Invoices have been around for centuries even when paper was not invented.

Download Free Photograpy Invoice Templates

Send your invoices straight from Indy or export them to PDF to send them however you want. Thus, the main difference between a purchase order, invoice, and bill is that a purchase order is initiated by the buyer, whereas invoices and bills are initiated by the seller. Customize from the dock, send from the boat—invoice from wherever you are. Features Overview Powerful features built for small businesses. I hope all that process will work in the same way in Billings (NOT-pro) version. After making that invoice, I immediately create another slip with the same fixed amount, but negative.

The editable fields on the retainer invoice template encourage users to add information by just clicking and typing in the appropriate fields. The client pays ahead to retain the lawyer’s services on an ongoing basis. Now it is time to secure your retaining fees and get relaxed; with this stylish and flexible invoice template, you can quickly request the upfront payment for your specialized services. If the terms of your retainer services indicate a maximum number of hours, keep an up-to-date timesheet to accurately track your billable hours. Include your timesheet as an attachment to your invoice so your client knows exactly how much work you have put in, and whether extra charges need to be included. Now find out how much more Wave can do for you and your business by trying our 100% free invoicing and accounting software. Don’t waste your energy creating a new invoice for all the clients that hire you on retainer.

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We provide free invoice templates for businesses to use to get paid for their work, products and services. As already mentioned, a retainer invoice is the advance payment you ask your client before starting a project. For one, small businesses can get paid a monthly fee in exchange for working a certain number of hours.

Free Retainer Invoice Template

A retainer agreement is a document made for two parties indicating that both parties have agreed to enter into a professional relationship for an extended period of time. Recurring invoices are used when the customers order the same services or products on a consistent basis. The recurring invoices can be issued daily, monthly, and even yearly. In this document, Free Retainer Invoice Template there is no change in contact details, goods and their prices. Recurring invoices are being widely used where the business model is based on a subscription system. This retainer billing sample is a revisited version of c6023 advance payment invoice template. The two templates have the same number of fields on the sheet, but with different form layout.

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You can download, customize, and send this invoice to all your retainer clients – no matter what services you provide, or industry you work in. Retainer payments can be set and calculated in different ways.

In the same way, sending the retainer invoice via various means like email, fax, or with Agiled, etc., also empowers you to get paid immediately and professionally. With Agiled filling out a retainer invoice is never be so easy before.


Invoice Maker is an online invoice generator – an innovative business tool you can use for creating invoices online without any hassle. Once you’ve finished these six steps, you are ready to send your invoice to your client. Send it straight from Indy or download it as a PDF and use your own email client to send it. It could cost you future projects or you may end up losing the project. The least you can do is to reciprocate by delivering what’s expected. In a few steps, you can make your very own retainer invoice for your business. To meet all the needs and requirements of all activities, you need to get paid accurately and ideally for all your professional services.

Know which client viewed your retainer or if your retainer fee was paid . Speed up your business by joining MoneyPenny today, for free. Be sure you include all applicable state and local sales taxes on your invoice so you give your clients the most complete bill for your services possible. This is the meat of your invoice; list everything on your invoices that you’re charging your client for, and any credit for discounts or prepayment. Include as much information on your business services as you want to decrease client questions. We’ve got you covered with a free invoice template in Google Docs, all ready for you to download, customize and send for painless billing on the go. Take care of creating, processing and sending invoices in minutes with professional-looking invoices your clients will love.

Working with MoneyPenny allows me to have a far better overview of my active projects and expenses compared to the previous method I used. The very fact not wasting a single minute unbilled is worth its price. Enter your name and email address to download your copy of The Profitable Benefits of Legal Project Management.

How do I create an invoice for my retainer?

  1. Vendor contact details.
  2. Customer contact details.
  3. Invoice date and number.
  4. Description of services provided.
  5. Quantity of goods or hours worked.
  6. Total balance due.
  7. Due date for payment.
  8. Tax (if applicable)

With a retainer agreement, you know that payment is guaranteed and can thus dedicate more time and attention to your client, focusing completely on them and delivering a high-quality service. This in return, keeps clients happy and willing to both set up future retainer agreements as well as recommend your services to others. It’s a safety net for you because you know you already have the funds to apply in advance towards a service. It’s also secure for the client, as it’s not the firm’s revenue until an invoice for a service has been generated against the retainer. And you can choose whatever billing method you need, such as billable hours or fixed-fee. Your business is unique to you, so you should send an invoice that reflects that. With free invoice templates from Free Invoice Creator, you can get customized invoices in minutes, all at a price you can afford.

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