Welcome to Ordinary Token

An extra ordinary DeFi ecosystem that rewards its holders with Ordinary Coin.

About Ordinary Project

We believe in rising the community

The basic idea is to have a launchpad that can overcome all the loopholes and flaws of the currently available launchpads in the market; it is pertinent to mention that it is going to be not only a producer-oriented launchpad but an investor-oriented as well to make sure that every single person is been taken care of as far as the security of project or investment is concerned.

Extra Ordinary Tokenomics

The token will have 12% of total tax on all Buying and Selling.

4% of each transaction will go to holders in Ordinary Tokens

4% of the transaction will go back to Liquidity Pool

4% of the transaction will go to marketing wallet

0 %
to Holders
0 %
Liquidity Pool
0 %
Marketing Wallet

Ordinary Features

Features that make Ordinary unique


Our LP tokens are going to be locked for minimum of 6 months initially. No risk of rugpull. We mean real business and this token is just the first step!!!

Anti-Whale Mechanism

In order to deal with dumps and whales, nobody would be able to hold more than 0.4% (400,000,000 TOTs) of total supply in wallet.

Future Proof

Ordinary will revolutionize the crypto world by utilizing state-of-the-art technological advancements of Blockchain Systems.

Liquidity Pool

Our Smart contract deposits 4% from every buy/sell transaction into liquidity pool. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the Ordinary price.


Q1 2022
Phase 1
Goals for first phase
Social Presence
Smart Contract Deployment
Social Media Marketing
Pvt Presale
Whitelist Competitions
5000 Members on Telegram
The Ordinary Swap
Pinksale Presale & Launch
Q1 2022
Phase 1
Q2 2022
Phase 2
Goals for second phase
Reddit & Sub-Reddit Marketing
CoinSniper/Poocoin/BSCSCAN Banner Marketing
5000 holders on BSCSCAN
Certik Audit
Fully Functional Ordinary Swap
10000 telegram members
5M+ Marketcap
CMC / Coingecko Listing Application
The Ordinary Launchpad Development
Q2 2022
Phase 2
Q3 2022
Phase 3
Goals for third phase
Fully Functional Ordinary Launchpad
CMC / Coingecko Listing
Social Media Marketing
15000 telegram members
10M+ Marketcap
Q3 2022
Phase 3
The evolution of Ordinary Coin
Future of Ordinary Project
Listing Gem Coins on Ordinary Swap
Listing and launching new projects on Launchpad
Ever-Growing Community and Launches
The evolution of Ordinary Coin

Token Allocation

Total Supply


Private Sale

4.5% – 4,500,000,000



Pre Sale

36% – 36,000,000,000



PCS Listing

21.6% – 21,600,000,000



Exchange Listing

10% – 10,000,000,000 






Our vision for the far future


THE ORDINARY LAUNCHPAD will not only provide all the basic utilities of a launchpad but it would also bring innovation to prevent scams, rug pulls and other malicious activities. It is a known fact that scams are getting a norm in every sort of launch these days.

The Ordinary Launchpad would make sure to mitigate the issue by introducing state of the art mechanism of controlling these issues.  The development of Launchpad will start right after THE ORDINARY TOKEN goes live and it will be fully functional during the second quarter of the project.


Join Our Community

We’re building an Extra Ordinary community that loves Ordinary Token. Our extremely engaging Telegram Channel is filled with community members that would love you help you 24/7. Do not give out your wallet address or any confidential information on Telegram to anyone.